KIDS - chlorine free
KIDS - chlorine free
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KIDS - chlorine free

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The ideal product for children's pools - without chlorine - without burning your eyes

The AQUA POWER KIDS replaces all water disinfectants containing chlorine and is also completely odorless.
The typical swimming pool smell does not appear.
Furthermore, KIDS is suitable for all filter systems and pool linings.
It has been dermatologically tested, is absolutely non-allergenic and does not cause any skin irritation. This is particularly appreciated by people with sensitive skin and children.

The system is compatible with all conventional water care products (in pool water), so that switching to AQUA POWER is unproblematic and can be carried out without any accompanying measures.

10ml concentrate on 50 liters of water

• without chlorine
• no irritation to eyes or skin
• soft water
• without heavy metals, silver or peroxides
• Absolutely foam-free: (also ideal for strongly moving water)


Disinfection: Germs, bacteria and fungi are quickly and safely inactivated
Algae prevention: the growth of photosynthesis-active is prevented
Filter aid: water cloudiness is removed or prevented (also suitable for cartridge filters.
Metal neutralizer: No water discoloration due to metal ions in the filling water

Content: 250ml

The rate of germ killing roughly corresponds to that of chlorine.

Hazard warnings:
Harmful if swallowed (H302). Very toxic to aquatic organisms with long-term effects (H410).

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.